Synteko HARDWAX OIL – long-lasting floor and fast work!

Let us introduce – new wax oil in our product range! 

Synteko HARDWAX OIL is very well absorbed by the wood, leaving a thin layer of wax on the surface. Thanks to its excellent filling qualities and protective layer of wax, floors oiled with HARDWAX OIL do not wear off quickly, resist water well and have good slip resistance (R10 class). Therefore, this new product is suitable first and foremost for oiling parquet floors in shopping centres, restaurants, concert halls and other rooms used by large crowds of people.

Use the oil today and already tomorrow, you can cautiously start using the floor. The drying time of Synteko HARDWAX OIL is only 12 hours.  

Synteko cares about the environment and therefore, we always use raw materials of which the harmful environmental impact would be minimal. Synteko HARDWAX OIL is based on renewable raw materials, does not contain cobalt or solvents, its VOC content is basically 0g/l.  

As all Synteko floor oils, HARDWAX OIL can be tinted with Synteko TINTING PASTE in seven shades.  

It is easy to maintain floors treated with Synteko oils. Regular and timely cleaning and maintenance ensure beautiful and durable floor for many years.    

Product information

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